Stressful hormone – cortisol

The human body is built in such a way that in case of danger it can defend itself. In addition to adrenaline and testosterone, cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, is a reaction that forces us to defend or escape. However, we do not live in an era where at every step a real threat in the form of a wild animal or a hostile tribe could lurk for us. So where does the elevated level of cortisol and what does it mean?

Situations triggering strong tensions result in the start of increased production of cortisol. The body assumes that in a moment it will need a lot more energy to work, so it immediately increases blood glucose. It also raises the bloodstream. All these treatments are for the body to be prepared for a possible fight or flight.

Intoxicated with cortisol

Times have changed and the dangers are no longer associated with wild nature, but with the unpredictability of life. The vision of a reprimand from the boss for being late by standing in a traffic jam can effectively frighten and raise pressure. Muscle tension, rapid breathing and a sense of overwhelming fury – this is the effect of cortisol. From the time when a man walked with a club on his shoulder changed a lot, but not the reactions of the body.

Stress and stress

Short-term stress and resulting fluctuations in cortisol levels have a negative effect on memory. We start to act schematically, we can not improvise, our creativity is falling. Our body, or more precisely the brain, switches to the immediate reaction mode, so there is no time or space for creative action. However, this is not the worst.

If the stress goes into a chronic state, then the cortisol levels are constantly on an elevated level, thus destroying our body. Momentary acceleration of the heart rate turns into disease hypertension, which increases the risk of diseases associated with it: heart attack, stroke, stroke. Being still in a state of readiness to defend, when it is not necessary, leads to general exhaustion of the organism. It is as if we were constantly holding the raised sword in readiness to attack.

It causes sleep problems, and if we can fall asleep, sleep is shallow and non-regenerating. It is a simple way to a depressed mood or depression.

Cortisol is growing, health is falling

Elevated levels of cortisol can cause a number of health problems. It is worth taking care of yourself and your body in such a case. A good way is to take care of the right daily cycle – we should be active in the morning and gradually decrease our activity towards the evening. Moderate physical activity and meditation are allies of the natural regulation of cortisol.

Constantly high levels of cortisol can also herald more serious diseases – thyroid gland, adrenal tumor or lung cancer. In turn, the lowered level leads to fatigue, weakness and low pressure. As in everything, we have to find a balance. Do not stress yourself with a cortisol supply, but always keep it in mind.

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