A great come back to life

Every day brings new hardships, new challenges and every day we become more and more tired, exhausted and frustrated. We lack energy and strength to live fully, and enough to re-use life.

  • Stop watching TV news

Recent times abound in quite brutal reports from the country and the world. Robberies, rape, terrorist acts and armed robberies. Knowledge on this subject may not change the world, but it can change a person. Bombarding with negative information means that we stop finally believing in another person and we start to perceive everyone as bad, vile and insensitive, and the world as a dangerous place.

  • Forget issues that you can not influence

Many things evoke anger and negative emotions in us. Bad weather, traffic jams or wars in the world are issues that we have absolutely no influence on, but rather affect us quite. We feel frustration unable to do anything about it. Therefore, it is best to focus on what we really control – on our emotions, thoughts and behavior. Our emotions are tangible to us and we can modify them freely.

• Give emotions

It has been assumed that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, and it is quite the opposite – they show our strength. Not the happiest who goes with a stony face, but the one who can laugh through tears. Of course, you must dose the emotions released, but never suppress them.

  • Bet on activity

You do not have to sign up for a gym and run every morning. The purpose of increasing activity is simply the activity itself. During physical exertion, endorphins are released in our body, or the hormone of happiness, which puts us in a good mood. Turn the car into a walk or bike, choose a staircase instead of an elevator, dance when you hear the music. There are plenty of opportunities, and sometimes just a few minutes of movement to feel better. And if, on the occasion of improving our condition and will go down a few centimeters, this is another reason to be happy.

  • Learn to act despite emotions and lack of willingness

Our emotions, and mainly anxiety often stand in the way of acting. We are afraid of failure so much that we do not even try. Before each decision, one hundred darkest scenarios pass through our heads, and our fears are only in our head. It’s worth to realistically assess the situation and take a chance, and the effect may surprise us.

  • Focus

Life flows very quickly and often we do not realize how many things we miss. And the world around us is so beautiful. Standing in a queue for cash or a traffic jam, instead of getting nervous waiting, use this time for yourself. Look around for interesting colors, name them and feel their saturation. Focus on different sounds and feel the texture of the objects being held. Use this time for yourself instead of against yourself.

  • Surround yourself with the right people

The saying “Who do you stand with, that’s how you become” has a lot of reasons in it. Surrounding with distraught and frustrated people makes us start to give in to this aura and involuntarily pulls us down. People who always bother something are always depressed or sad, not a good option. Sometimes one wide smile and a nice greeting is enough to make the day better.

  • Do not forget about your successes

Man is programmed in such a way that he remembers every little failure, and forgot about the greatest successes. At the moment of hesitation, we do not remember about the winnings, but about the moments when it did not work out, and this effectively demotivates. It is worth switching to positive thinking, which is motivated by our successes, everyone is even the smallest support that maintains our well-being.

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