Beautiful skin for the first time

Everyone knows at least one woman with a seemingly perfect skin. Every time you see her radiant face, you think, “Seriously? How does she do it? What magical properties does he use? What expensive creams rubbed into your face? “And the secret is simple – everyday routine in facial care. If you know this secret, then you can have flawless skin.

  • Use cosmetics dedicated to your skin

Oily skin or those prone to acne have other needs for ingredients in cosmetic preparations. For the above mentioned types, a salicylic soap or one that contains benzoyl peroxide is recommended. Dry and mature skin should be more moisturized. Each type of complexion is governed by its own laws and we can harm it without complying with these laws.

  • Drink green

Although the great temptation is the aromatic coffee after waking up, this is not the best choice for our skin. Instead, drink fresh juice, preferably green vegetables. Such a portion of vitamins will brighten, oxygenate and moisturize your skin every morning. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps cellulite.

However, if green gold does not convince you, you will find chlorophyll supplements in drugstores, pharmacies or health food stores. It is known that the juice will work better than the supplement, but with two bad ones …

  • Healthy diet

The skin is a natural barrier that retains moisture, and omaga-3 fatty acid is necessary for this. Whether it’s flax seeds in a salad or crunchy walnuts on your favorite series, they’re a natural and healthy afterburner. They increase the skin’s ability to maintain moisture. It is also important that the diet is balanced and low in foods with a high glycemic index.

  • Moisturizing

The optimal time for moisturizing the skin is between leaving the shower and just before going to bed. Avoid lotions with intense odors and make sure that the preparation used will be gentle enough to be used daily.

  • Do not touch the face too often

Yes, it’s a strange principle, but it has an explanation. Our hands are often exposed to various types of bacteria that are just waiting to be transferred to the face. This leads to pimples that do not look inviting. It’s better to keep your hands with you.

  • Less mean more?

Try to use only a few products and those that have the least amount of synthetic ingredients in the composition. The ingredients of two different creams may react badly to each other, and the skin will suffer the most.

  • Sunny all year long

Whether the sun is burning or raining – always have a filter cream with you. Many people think that it is only needed during hot weather or visiting the beach. And the truth is that our skin is exposed to sunlight every day, and our task is to protect the skin. Even when we drive a car, fly by plane or arrange errands, we are still exposed to exposure to UV rays, and this contributes to the visible signs of skin aging. Many cosmetic foundations contain a factor, select the SPF 30 filter and do not worry about UV rays.

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