In order to work as effectively as possible, we combine specialist knowledge with technology, that is two areas, thanks to which measurable effects can be achieved. By logging into the website, the user receives access to specialist knowledge in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, sociology or personal development. In the first place, he can confront his current knowledge with the psychoeducation on the website, and then expand this knowledge. It is very important to break the taboo crust that has wrapped around the subject of mental health. The conviction that people affected by depression or low moods are inherently weak is very harmful and has little to do with the truth. Psychoeducation included in the area of ​​knowledge is to help deal with specialist topics. There is also a blog that is dedicated to topics related to feelings, emotions, social life and personal development. Two sections of articles allow you to fill in the hunger for everyone’s knowledge satisfactorily. All articles are copyrighted and written by specialists in their fields.

Each of the users can also take advantage of the opportunity to enter a conversation with the bot – Cobe. It uses the Socratic dialogue, which is one of the methods used in cognitive-behavioral therapy. This method is considered the most effective in the confrontation with mental disorders. The Socratic dialogue uses the power to ask the right questions to confront the interlocutor with his or her own problems and, consequently, to find a solution. The method is effective because it allows for independent thinking and drawing the right conclusions. However, if the conversation with the bot alone was not enough, you can always ask our specialists a specific question. The section devoted to this section creates a lively panel of questions and comprehensive answers.

And after a hard fight, it’s worth relaxing. Places of relaxation provide a wide base of recreational and recreational facilities for a full return to strength. A man sleeps and sleeps, and there is never time to rest, wrote the Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It is sometimes worth stopping and give yourself a breath of air for another immersion in the hardships of everyday life. In the zone there are also tourist attractions that are worth seeing.

Those who are distressed have a number of benefits for therapists. In addition to ready-made materials used in psychotherapy, the portal itself is a medium through which therapy can be carried out without leaving your own comfort zone. Sessions take place in front of the computer screen.