Hygge: caring for yourself straight from the Scandinavians

Winter is a great time to experience the joy of hygge. If you have never heard of the Scandinavian hygge practice (pronounced HOO-guh), think about slamming fire, stretched socks, a cup of hot cocoa, flannel pajamas and warm blankets. The word hygge means convenience.

Hygge is widely regarded as a Danish practice that encourages wellness by creating a cozy and comfortable experience. In the Scandinavian countries, the hygge is often embodied in the concept of a home environment, and they often use exercises associated with it in moments of anxiety or sadness.

Joy Hygge: a connection that warms the soul

In Scandinavia, where winters are long, dark and cold, experiencing the joy of hygge allows people to feel connected, happy and warm both in the body and in the spirit. Common is an indispensable element of hygge, so if you want to experience this love practice, think about inviting a friend or family member to cuddle on the sofa with you. Big conversation with a cup of tea is one of the ways to share the hygge practice. You can also watch the uplifting movie with your loved one.

Performing activities with another person is crucial, so make sure you engage with close people. Just lying in bed and browsing social media does not count. However, if you prefer a solo and want to apply hygge alone, I suggest a warm blanket and a good book. You can also go to your favorite cafe later, take a walk to the city center. We have a holiday season and it’s time to enjoy the Christmas decorations that are around us. All you have to do is leave the house.

Hygge’s joy includes finding comfort in simple things

Good food is another element of hygge. The Scandinavians are serious about their baking. Give yourself the sweet feeling of sharing in the creation process. Especially if cooking takes place with friends. Talk about food and community, organize an intimate dinner or an evening meeting – a great way to practice hygge. Dim the lights, light the candles, turn on the soothing music and enjoy the presence of the people you love.

Advocates of hygge value simplicity the most. You do not need a huge effort or a lot of cash to feel comfortable. Scandinavians are resourceful people. They take full advantage of what they have and create happiness even in cold winter. What can you do this winter to connect with others? Create a warm, cozy environment in your home and fill your heart with peace and joy? I am waiting impatiently for your ideas.

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