Power of trying

Moooooom, because they succeed …

Not once or twice, we were gazing with admiration at those who had succeeded. “Another success”. “This one is born in a bonnet or has a unique flair” – you think. How can you define success then?

You look around and notice that others are succeeding. A colleague made an appointment for another date, the sister received a lot of funding for her company, another friend called another interviewer for an interview in a decent company, even my aunt praises Facebook on the half-marathon.

All these successes do not mean that these people are better, or that they hide superpowers that attract success. A colleague who has such success with the opposite sex is not at all handsome and her friend does not have a rich resume or a greater professional experience. Aunty also has problems with fitness and often can not go up the stairs with shopping. These people do not have to be perfect – so how does it work? Maybe the whole secret is in the number of rehearsals?

Attempts = success?

Practice makes perfect, and the tests increase the freedom of action. The more often we do something, the easier it comes to us. The main reason for achieving successive degrees of initiation in the chosen field are the hours of exercises. Known soil reduces stress and allows you to free yourself from a meticulous analysis of every detail. Example? Even ordinary cooking. Countless attempts to prepare the perfect eggs for the final, so that even Gordon Ramsey himself would say “it’s fuc * ing perfect”.

Each subsequent attempt allows you to develop a system of action. This applies to both already mentioned eggs, but also to dating or interviews. You can probably call it repeatability.

This principle can be used everywhere where emotions are bubbling up:

  • dating,
  • professional matters, e.g. asking for a raise,
  • difficult conversations with a partner,
  • public speeches.

Often the conversation with another human being evokes such strong emotions in us that we analyze all the possible scenarios for a long time (most often black ones), which brings about a lot of stress.

In fact, success is the answer to frequent attempts of your happiness in various areas. Because nothing changes anything from doing nothing.

Nothing changes from sitting on four letters. If we are still just waiting for changes, they will never happen. It is best when we openly and consciously tell ourselves what we expect from life. Even if the situation ends with a refusal, at least we are aware that we have tried, and next time we can try other ways that can be better. It’s important to act.

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