Because acne is not a topic at once. Part II

Recently, I wrote about acne that afflicts adult men. The problem is considerable, because not only women care about themselves to such a large extent. A well-groomed man is a synonym of class.

I started the subject quite extensively, but the information was mainly about the causes, today I would like to present several ways to fight acne among men. Ready?

Adult acne in men is frustrating and can solidly spoil the day, but it is not unusual. Dear Gentlemen, like Moses, I present the Ten Commandments in the effective prevention of unwanted pimples.

With many failures, we raise our hands to the sky and ask “why me?”, “Why did it have to fall on me?”. In the case of acne, you’re not quite the chosen one. Although unwanted guests are mainly adolescent, many men broke out of this time frame after high school.

Many men think that acne that they had during their teenage years never really goes away and lasts until adulthood. Sometimes, however, the first acne may appear only after puberty.

Acne is not sexist, it attacks both sexes equally, but men are exposed to more permanent acne compared to women. Women can also mask the pimples with makeup and there will be absolutely nothing strange about it.

The good news is that acne is not cancer and can be treated effectively, even in adults.

What causes acne (and what causes it)

Probably, not once or twice, you have heard about eating fast foods that cause acne. There is a lot of truth in this, but it is not a dominant factor. We now know a lot more about the development of this ailment, so some of the old beliefs are forgotten.

Among the main factors responsible for the formation of acne can be mentioned: excess sebum, accumulation of dead skin, proliferation (reproduction) of bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

Why is this secret knowledge so important? Because knowing the reason, we can eliminate the effect. Knowing what causes skin problems, we can get better results in treatment.

Take care of your skin

Acne itself is not caused by contaminated skin. Nevertheless, a good routine skin care certainly does not hurt, and only help in the treatment. You do not have to be shattered about the care topics as much as women. You do not have to devote a lot of time to do this, or place your bathroom in dozens of products.

Usually, men need a good cleansing and then moisturize their facial skin in the morning and evening. Taking an extra few minutes twice a day during a morning shower can save hours at dermatologists and heavy money spent in a pharmacy.

A shaven shave

Skin irritation caused by acne can severely hinder shaving. Therefore, it is important to exercise extreme caution during this activity. The blade should be handled with great caution in the presence of inflammation.

If the blade of the razor or razor causes irritation, try the electric razor. If the shaving itself causes irritation and you can not bypass acne in any way, you can experiment with the appearance of facial hair. Instead of shaving her at zero, shorten her hair. For aesthetic appearance it will not cause irritation.

Sometimes the inflammation in men is not due to acne and ingrown hair, which leads to inflammation of the hair follicles. Men with curly hair around the beard are more susceptible to inflammation of the hair follicles because their hair tends to curl under the skin. Again, leaving your hair a bit longer can help.

If you are unsure whether it is acne or folliculitis, see a GP. He will accurately diagnose what the problem and assign the appropriate drugs.

Leeks are nightmares

Enlarged pores can be just as annoying as pimples. Large and usually crowded pores are most often found in people with oily skin.

Unfortunately, there are no products that will permanently eliminate large pores, but ones that apparently will reduce them so much. Some prescription products, such as topical retinoids, are effective for large pores and at the same time treat acne.

But is this the end? Not yet. The topic is so extensive that at this point I announce the last part of the trilogy against acne for the next date. Follow carefully distressed to not miss the ending.

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