Because acne is not a topic at once. Part III – ending

Like the Sienkiewicz Trilogy, the knowledge about acne in adult men has also been given three parts (first and second). I invite you.

Currently, many acne treatments are available and this is a big plus. With a wide range of treatments, everyone is able to find something for themselves.

With mild acne (local pimples and blackheads) you can get better with non-prescription products. More stubborn acne will be more effectively treated with the use of prescription medications.

If your acne is mild (which means light pimples and blackheads), you can get better with a non-prescription product. More stubborn acne will respond better to prescription medications.

Isotretinoin can also be a good option. Proper use can cope with severe cases of acne, which has not subsided in other treatments.

It’s not on your face, but on …

Acne can occur not only on the face. The conviction that “if you can not see it under clothes, it’s not a problem” and ignoring it is not a very reasonable option. Someday the sun will rise and you will want to show yourself on the beach, and acne, for example, does not look inviting on your back. Fortunately, it can be treated. Many body eczema products are available in drugstores and supermarkets. Products containing benzoyl peroxide will be the most effective.

However, if products of this type are not effective, unfortunately, but it will not do without a visit to a doctor who will write a prescription for something stronger.

Be hard and go to a dermatologist

Yes, there are many acne products that you can choose for yourself, but you never know if it is this specific that will free you from acne. If in the mirror instead of improvement you see only more and more mocking diodes, it is a sign that you need to bring out heavier works and apply stronger therapy recommended by the dermatologist.

Even if time spent in the office is not an ideal way to spend time, do not postpone your visit. Dermatologist will help you find the right treatment that will cleanse your skin. The sooner you plan your appointment, the sooner you start therapy, and this will bring you closer to a healthier appearance of the skin.

There are also other ways, more innovative, but equally effective (if not more), namely genetic tests that will determine the condition of your skin and suggest appropriate treatment. Everything happens without leaving your home, and the report you receive determines your exact skin needs.

Patience is a virtue

Acne treatment takes time. Do not get discouraged too soon and definitely do not give up too soon. Therapy may take three to four months before you notice the difference and be patient during this period.

Do not expect that there will be no pimples in the first weeks of treatment, they will also be dense. This does not mean that the treatment does not work. Give yourself and your skin some time.

Do not get acne

It is not difficult to imagine that acne can affect self-confidence. Undermining self-esteem by a few red points on the face is a reason for stress and anxiety. Do not be too sharp for yourself, anger will not help. If you think that acne significantly affects your life, talk to your doctor, he will certainly find a solution.

The good news is that almost every case of acne can be removed with the right treatment. Do something for yourself, no matter if it is a visit to a primary care physician, a dermatologist or a genetic test, take the first step. The feeling that you have any control over the skin can build up your self-esteem and sense of value. And the sooner you start therapy, the faster you will see the effects.

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