First time

The daily routine can finish off. Still the same activities, the same faces. When was the last time you did something for the first time? A new taste in the kitchen, some extravagant addition to your outfit, or even a change of route to work or college. Do you remember when, as a child, everything pleased you and every smallest thing caused a smile? Probably because everything was new and unknown. Maybe it would be worth coming back to this state of happiness?

Imagine a situation where you go to a restaurant. The interior is interestingly decorated, the chairs are extremely comfortable, you get a card and … You have absolutely no idea how dishes taste with extremely mysterious names taste. A drop of sweat on your forehead, you are going to withdraw from this place, but you look around, people around you cost dishes without a grimace of disgust. You risk and order what you think is pretty by name.

Waiting for the dish, you look around nervously again. The waiter brings you a mysterious meal, the first bite, with your eyes closed and in a defensive position, with relief that you find it delicious. Each subsequent bite allows you to discover more and more new flavors, and you are surprised how it can be so good. Satisfaction knows no limits. Subconsciously, you grow two centimeters up and you are proud that you have managed the challenge. This is where we return to the beginning – new things rejuvenate us.

Back to the past

As a child, we did something new every day. The more often we performed a given activity, even the most pleasant one, it lost its uniqueness. The first day at school, the first one in the journal or the first call of parents for the rug to the director. Even now you probably smile in the spirit of how much you were afraid to tell your parents about a bad judgment or a fight with a colleague that you both were in a corner of. The memories of those first times, even though they are so far away, certainly became more memorable to us than the road we cover every day to the store. Why is this happening? Probably because the sneaking routine, although it is important, it does not work so much.

The first time is always the best time

Literally and figuratively. The more often the given activity is performed by us, the more attention we pay to it on the way to perfection, but we lose the sense of its performance. The first approach is always to overcome a barrier and when we succeed in our thoughts, we nails each other and we hear fanfare.

Doing something new is a way out of your own comfort zone. Going beyond what we know perfectly well and what we feel comfortable with. The new activity is also a revival in our lives, breaking the routine.

A winter day, snow outside and YOU are still outside the window, because you are just about to cross the threshold of the house. You dream of hot tea with lemon for warming up. You pack the aromatic bag and wait for it to brew, remove the lid and carefully drink halfway. Which swallows was the best? Of course the first one that warmed you up and let the aromatic tea dance on the tongue. It’s the same with new things, the first time is the most intense.

New does not equal extremes

The decision to undertake something new is not synonymous with something completely different. It could be reading an article in a newspaper that you’ve never had in your hands or seen a movie of a different genre than ever. This is to revive life and look at the world from a different perspective than usual. New things do not have to be spectacular, because even though visiting a tropical island or a parachute jump would be very exciting, even the simplest activities and minor changes can create the same emotions in us. Example? Imagine changing a car’s gearbox from manual to automatic. Believe, emotions will be out of this world.

New not very new

How to do something new so that it does not become something routine? Once a week, maybe once a month do something differently than usual. It is not about the frequency, and not about closing to new sensations. Doing something new is a bit like magic, has great power and develops openness in us. And this opens up new perspectives and possibilities. Will you take the challenge?

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