The best Japanese methods for calming the nervous states

No matter how much you try not to stress, sometimes it happens. You lose the atmosphere of peace and peace. You have a bad day or bad luck or maybe everyone is testing your patience. 

In these situations, the feeling of Zen leaves you and you need some help to restore peace. In such a moment it is best to appeal to the masters of peace, which are Japanese and who have their ways of re-harmony.

At any time, when you feel that you are about to explode – follow the techniques below. Although our life is quite intense, we will always find a moment for anger or stress. And since we find a few minutes for unnecessary nerves, we might as well spend some time to relax. We can all become addicted to stress-relieving drugs, however the following methods are free of pills and guarantee calming.

A simple and simple Japanese method

The Japanese are known for their knowledge of the flow of energy in our bodies. Although acupressure comes from China, it is also foreign to Japanese. It’s about the pressure of the right parts of the body to compensate for all sorts of ailments. It is simple and you can help yourself in this way anytime, anywhere – whenever there is a need. The method is discreet and no one will notice that you have a problem at the moment. The whole secret lies in the pressure of the fingers of the hand. Only with the help of the thumb and index finger of the other hand. The pressure of each finger is responsible for something else. The pressure of the thumb is useful for nausea, the index finger when you feel fear or anxiety. The pressure of the middle finger is soothing when we are angry or anger fills us and sadness, even the feeling of being lost, is a task for the ring finger. At the end, but nevertheless an important little finger, the pressure of which calms down.

Never forget to breathe

You will be amazed at how much breathing can help you, especially in times of stress and nervousness. Because we are testing amazing tension, we can forget about proper breathing, preventing our brain from using the most needed oxygen. When you feel the tension, inhale and exhale, taking deep breaths and using a calm pace. You will feel better immediately, lower your blood pressure and eliminate the presence of cortisol, a hormone that causes irritation.

Well-chosen perfumes can help you calm down

I‘ve already written about art therapy (therapy through art) and have you ever heard of aromatherapy? It really works and you can benefit from it directly from the perfumes you use. The fragrance you choose can accompany you every day or as an aroma in critical situations that will always be at hand. Fragrances containing lavender, jasmine or fragrant canowy can do wonders in tense situations. And the best part is that they will always be with you, right under your nose. Who knows, maybe you can calm down your scent with others. But avoid too strong perfumes that can have the opposite effect.

Music is the best therapy

There is nothing better than listening to your favorite music when you feel uncomfortable. And today, thanks to smartphones and headphones, you can enjoy your favorite playlist anywhere, even after a troublesome meeting with the boss. Try to keep music close to you, it can be the best and cheapest therapy.

Do not forget to laugh

Laughter is in many cases an excellent therapy. Do not be afraid to do this. Always try to smile during the day. Even one gentle smile will bring the desired effect – peace and better well-being. The reason why this method is so effective is that it stimulates the brain to release endorphins, the hormone of happiness. Remember that you do not necessarily have to laugh in your voice, just think positive and the day gets better. A good joke and funny videos are always welcome.

The principle may also apply to the release of any emotion, e.g. anger. Instead of choking yourself in your own anger – shout and free yourself from unwanted emotions.

Tea, a natural and effective medicine

A hot and steaming cup of herbal tea can really revive your senses and reduce stress. The best results will be achieved by a mixture of natural herbal tea, without any flavors and artificial aromas. Any other type of tea can calm you down because it is a hot drink, but there are many herbs that have additional nerve relaxing and tension-reducing properties, such as lemon balm or lime blossom. A cup of tea can make you feel better, so do not forget to treat yourself to one, especially in the most difficult moments of the day. Add some honey and you will also have a healthy brew.

Japan is famous for long-lived people, their average life expectancy is almost 85 years. They can also boast the largest number of people who have exceeded one hundred. It may be influenced by the location, diet, but perhaps most of all their calm, organized lifestyle, which maximally eliminates stress. I think I’ll move there.

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