The perfect diet … Just real as unicorns?

Usually, wanting to lose kilos, and at the same time not to go bankrupt, we immediately switch to fruit, vegetables and lean meat. The fridge breaks at the seams of organic products and with the least amount of fat.

However, after some time, especially when we do not see the expected effects, we return to unhealthy food and sweets. At this point, our healthy diet is postponed to the next wave of motivation and so on and on.

The word “diet” itself is not very positive. It means a series of sacrifices and hunger, which will not help to get rid of the abdominal torso, but it gives us the satisfaction that we have tried. What if there was a golden mean? A diet that is focused on us, for the needs of our body – an ideal diet.

The “ideal diet” sounds too good to be true. However, this is not a fairy tale but a future. A futuristic idea – a cosmetic stick you do a swab from the cheek, send it to the lab and they know everything. They can match the perfect diet and exercise so that you can lose weight more effectively. They answer questions such as: why can not I lose weight? What’s wrong with my dream? What exercises do you have to have a slender body?

Research shows that the feeding plan can be dictated by our DNA. Hence, there may be different discrepancies with the same diet in different people. There are diets tailored to the blood group that are effective, so how good it would be to go even deeper and adjust the diet to even narrower clusters – a specific person.

It is an extension of the new collection – DNA lifestyle tests. These are genetic tests that instead of estimating the risk of developing or developing various diseases, provide information and guidance on nutrition, physical fitness or predispositions.

The idea is to allow users to get even more information about themselves using DNA sequencing. Available genetic data allow you to adjust diet or training to individual needs and predispositions. This is one of the important layers of information that we should know.

Companies offering this type of service, such as, do not impose a specific diet plan or the rigor of specific exercises. Recommendations like “eat only broccoli on Wednesday, and on the first Sunday of the month curd with radish” neither sound good nor are they part of the report. A detailed report is more a collection of tips, a guide. When we have a better insight into the small things that affect us, we can combine them into something bigger, and thus more effectively fight for a healthy and slender body.

Knowing which nutrients are better or worse for us, we can independently determine the diet, which will be both tasty and filling. It will also not be associated with the torture of eating strange dishes, the preparation of which consumes not only enough time and cash.

Health nutrition is not just strict dietary restrictions that leave unrealistic amount of possible products and eliminate those you love. On the contrary, the idea is to make food a pleasure, give energy, and at the same time affect health and figure. Each of us at some point wants to take care of your body, but does not know how to do it, needs a point of attachment and as much as possible tips on what to eat and what to avoid. An ideal diet is one that is good for your body and mind – DNA tests can ensure that. Do you dare?

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